Escalator Step Cleaning Options

Which Option is Right For You?

To ensure the greatest flexibility and convenience for our customers, we offer three escalator step cleaning options.

Option 1: On Site Step Cleaning


  • We come to your building
  • No extra charge for night cleaning
  • Minimal disruptions
  • We clean the steps without removing them
  • Cost effective
  • Steps' surface and recesses are completely cleaned
  • Good to very good results with first cleaning

Option 2: Off Site Step Cleaning


  • Steps are conveyer washed
  • Top, bottom, and underside are cleaned
  • Very quick turnaround
  • Very good results

Option 3: Step Refurbishment (Off Site)

See our YouTube video about ECS escalator step refurbishment process

See YouTube video about our step refurbishment process


  • Steps are conveyor washed
  • Steps are sand blasted
  • Thin or broken ribs are repaired
  • Powder coating is applied and baked
  • Ribs are highlighted by polishing
  • New step rollers are added
  • New demarcation inserts are added (if applicable)
  • Excellent results