Clean Escalator Steps Overnight!

An On-Site, After Hours, Professional Escalator Step Cleaning Service

A division of ECS Corporation — an industry leader in escalator products for nearly 50 years — ECS Step Cleaning was created to provide an economical solution to improve the appearance and safety of escalator steps without having to remove them from the escalator.

State of the Art Step Cleaning Equipment and Expertise

State of the art escalator cleaning equipmentExpert technicians use escalator cleaning equipment to scrub stairs

Our equipment is custom manufactured to fit the profile of the escalator step assembly. The machine is programmed to automatically dispense a measured amount of biodegradable solution, while spinning brushes scrub deep into the recesses of each tread and riser. Once a step is cleaned, hydraulics enable the operator to raise the machine and position it onto the next dirty step. This process removes most, if not all, of the dirt, oil, grease and lint from the surface and recess of the steps and risers.

Our technicians have been fully trained in proper cleaning procedures, and they strive for the best possible results. Because our step cleaning takes place after hours, minimal disruptions are encountered by businesses and organizations that use our services.